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Troika's original
Baked Cheesecake.

At Troika, we care deeply about both flavor
and quality. Since 1997,
we have made our cheesecakes with cheese produced
right here in Iwate Prefecture.
We bake our cakes with a unique "medium aging"
technique that produces both rich flavors
and a silky-smooth feel.
The filling is so mild and creamy that some mistake
our cheesecakes for the "no-bake" variety.

Carefully crafted each day, fresh,
by hand, and only to order

Our cheesecakes are made with housemade cottage cheese
and carefully baked using a unique method that preserves
the cheese's natural flavors and ingredients.
The cheese is preservative-free and is delivered fresh each
day directly to our cake studio.
We have removed the nonessentials to produce
a cheesecake with a cleaner and clearer flavor.


Troika cheesecake that is particular
about everything from raw materials
to manufacturing
Using carefully selected homemade
cheese manufactured at
Iwate's cheese studio, which is rich in
Each one is carefully made.

Russian Cuisine Troika opened its doors in 1973.
One characteristic of Russian cuisine is that it is well-suited
for the Japanese palate.

Address 16-53-1 Kamiezuriko,Kitakami-shi,Iwate-ken,Japan
TEL 0197-62-4365
FAX 0197-62-4366
OPEN 10:00~18:00(15:00 last order)
Cakes and drinks only from 10:00 to 11:00
CLOSED WED (the next day if it is a national holiday) 
At Troika, we do everything in-house, even cheesemaking.
Located in Kitakami city, in the northern prefecture of Iwate, we receive Baked Cheesecake orders from all over Japan.